Your FIAT Lease is Ending: What Are Your Options?

Leasing a new FIAT from Rick Case FIAT is a great option for many Miami drivers. Not just because you make lower monthly payments for a shorter amount of time, but also because you have plenty of options at the end of your lease. When that time comes, it's important to understand all of them.

Whether you've been leasing a FIAT 500, FIAT 500X, or FIAT 124 Spider, it's good to know what you'd like to do after your lease ends. No matter the popular FIAT model you've been driving on the Davie, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Hollywood roads, we'd like to give a brief explanation of some of the things you can do once your lease comes to a close.

Return Your FIAT, and Consider Upgrading to a Newer Model on a New Lease

When your lease ends, you can simply bring your FIAT back to Rick Case FIAT. This process is fairly hassle-free, but may have some fees associated with it, including fees to cover excessive wear and tear, or any mileage overages that might apply. Of course, you can avoid those fees by taking great care of your FIAT. Here's the best part of this option: once you return your FIAT, you can sign a new lease and drive a brand new model home!

Extend Your Lease

Need a little longer to decide? Extending your lease is a good option if you're just not quite sure what to do next. This gives you time to think about it some more, and - here's the best part - you get to drive your FIAT a little longer.

Buy Your FIAT

You've had a good few years with your FIAT. Want to keep it going for the long haul? Good news: you can buy your FIAT! You can buy it for the residual value of the vehicle. That means you don't buy it for the full price it was when it was new, but the purchase price will be based on its current value.

Sell Your FIAT

This option, of course, requires that you buy your FIAT first. But once you have purchased it for the residual value, you can sell it for fair market value and keep any kind of profit for yourself. Remember, though, you'll need to do some research ahead of time to figure out the car's value, and determine if it's worth it financially - and worth your time and energy - to purchase in order to resell.

Trade In Your FIAT

If you've built equity in your leased FIAT by keeping it very well maintained at low mileage, and the fair market value is more than the residual value (again, you'll want to do some research ahead of time), you can trade in your FIAT and receive value toward another vehicle in return.

Re-Lease Your FIAT

So you love your FIAT, and that's that. We don't blame you! You may have the option of re-leasing your vehicle. The clear advantages of this option is that monthly payments will generally continue to be lower than if you decide to buy it. Plus, you already know your vehicle, so you don't have to wonder about its mechanical integrity. But you also have to consider that most lenders consider it to be a higher risk to lease a used vehicle, so you might end up with a higher interest rate. However, even with a higher interest rate, it could still be a better financial option than buying, depending on your situation.

No matter which lease end option you consider, we'll help you with your decision and next steps. But until then, enjoy the drive in your FIAT!