Get ready for travels this coming summer with a little bit of FIAT maintenance this spring!

Spring may be officially in full-swing, but summer is just around the corner. Now, if you're like many FIAT owners here in South Florida, you're likely looking to make the most of the great driving conditions and events throughout the greater Fort Lauderdale area this summer. And that's going to mean spending a lot of time on the road.

Now, here at Rick Case FIAT, we love a bit of summer travel ourselves, but we know that all that excess mileage can put a lot of strain on your FIAT car. Fortunately, we consider ourselves to be something of FIAT service experts. That's why we've taken the liberty of putting together a brief breakdown of some useful FIAT maintenance and repairs you can take care of this spring to get your ready for summertime travel.

First and foremost, if you spent a lot of time traveling to visit family this past winter, you might want to do some basic maintenance checks at home. These take just a few minutes and they can help inform your FIAT service and maintenance decisions going forward.

  • Check your tires tread depth with a penny. By inserting the coin upside down into the well of your tires' tread, you can assess how much wear they have left. In general, you want the tread to cover up most of Licoln's hairline on the coin.
  • Test your front and rear windshield wipers. Debris and buildup from long-distance travel can wear down and sometimes tear wiper blades. Wipe the wiper blades down to inspect for tears and bend them gently to make sure they are still flexible enough.
  • Check your oil dipstick. Make sure your FIAT is parked on a flat surface and has not been running for at least 15 minutes when you do. Ideally, your oil will come up at the suggested fill line and light amber in color. Dark, overly viscous oil can be an indication that your FIAT is in need of an oil change.

Now, those are just a few of the things you can take a look at yourself, but if you find you'd prefer a bit more professional expertise, don’t hesitate to come see us here at Rick Case FIAT. At our Davie, FL FIAT dealership, we've happily served the FIAT maintenance and repair needs of drivers from Weston to Hollywood, FL and all points in between. From FIAT oil changes to multi-point inspections, our team can handle your every service need in a timely manner. So, feel free to check out our FIAT service FAQ, browse our latest FIAT service specials, and schedule your next appointment with our repair center online today to ensure that your FIAT is ready for the road ahead!

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