Keep the Excitement Rolling With a New FIAT Lease in Miami

Remember that feeling you had when you took your new car onto the Miami roads for the first time? The smooth ride. The cutting edge technology. The agile handling. The purr of the perfectly tuned engine. You can have that feeling more often when you lease a new FIAT from Rock Case FIAT!

There are plenty of great reasons for you to lease a new FIAT. Like...

  • You pay less! Not only because monthly lease payments tend to be lower, but also because you don't pay the full amount of your FIAT! You only make payments while you're on your lease.
  • Qualifying service and maintenance is usually covered under warranty for the duration of your lease.
  • When your FIAT lease ends, the return process is hassle free, and - here's the best part - you can upgrade to the newest FIAT model available every time you sign a new lease! That means you can keep the excitement rolling with a new FIAT every few years. Not too bad, eh?

How do you get the process started? Start by falling in love with one of the vehicles in our new FIAT inventory. When it comes time to work out the details of your lease, the knowledgeable team in our Finance Center will be there to help. For now, come into Rick Case FIAT for a test drive!

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